Every month since its founding in 2007, Al-Mesbar Center has published “The Monthly Book,” a full-length volume of research in Arabic, on a topic of pressing concern to the region’s decision makers — complete with granular findings from primary sources largely unavailable elsewhere. Now, for readers of English, the Center presents a description of the content of each book, searchable by topic, country, and subregion of the Muslim world. For information about subscribing to the Monthly Book, acquiring prior volumes, or commissioning full translations, contact us.

Indonesia: Islamists, Shiites, and Sufis

Published: March 01, 2013

In its 75th monthly publication, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center continues its exploration of Islam in Indonesia, with a special focus on the phenomenon of “Islamization” and the use of Islam as a political tool.  It examines the so-called “Liberal (Free) Islam Network” (LIN) in Indonesia, the diverse practices of the faith as a whole, […]

Indonesia: History, Identity, Regime

Published: February 01, 2013

In its 74th monthly book, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center studies the interaction of Islam with the society, state, identity, and other Islamic streams in Indonesia. Abdullah Al-Madani presents a global overview on Islam in Indonesia as well as political Islam and extremism—the historical roots of which are traced back to the nineteenth century. Mohammed Alawawdeh […]

Al-Qaeda Spring: Syria, Sinai, Mali

Published: January 01, 2013

Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center’s 73rd monthly book examines the influence of the Arab Spring on Al-Qaeda. First, this volume sheds light on the Syrian scene, where jihadi Salafi streams probably linked to Al-Qaeda are active; then it examines the situation in Mali, the coastline of which was turned to blood and gunpowder; and finally, it […]