Al-Qaeda After Bin Laden

Published: March 01, 2012


In its 63rd monthly book, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center explores the condition of Al-Qaeda after the death of Osama bin Laden: Will Al-Qaeda survive and remain in the battlefield, or will it hide now that its founder is dead? This issue is especially important as U.S. troops leave Iraq and NATO troops withdraw from Afghanistan. Manual Almondo explains that it isn’t easy to determine whether or not Al-Qaeda will remain in the battlefield after the death of bin Laden, because it is difficult to fathom what bin Laden represents to the organization he devoted himself to and that he established in Afghanistan. Alyaa Braheemi, of the London School of Economics and Oxford University, shows the changes in Al-Qaeda that started before bin Laden’s death and that may affect the organization’s strategy and general objectives. Rafa’elo discusses Al-Qaeda with respect to the comprehensiveness of development of the Jihadists’ movement. Steig Garl Hansen writes about the Somalia Youth Movement and its strong ties with Al-Qaeda. Fawaz Gerges looks into the hidden meaning behind the Arab revolutions breaking out—in term of its ability to put an end to terrorism, particularly the U.S. mania relating to the threat of Al-Qaeda. The monthly book is Al-Qaeda Rise and Decline by Fawaz Gerges, and is reviewed by Omar Al-Basheer Al-Turabi.