Islamists and Democracy

Published: May 01, 2012


In its 65 monthly volume, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center presents articles on Islamists and democracy written before and after the Arab Spring. Professor Khaled Abu Al-Fadl explores principles common to both democracy and Islam, and discusses challenging issues, such as Allah’s authority, law, culture, and individual rights. Mostafa Lotfi explores the ideological grounds that preclude Islamic movements from reaching democracy. Baker Salman Al-Najar looks at political Islamic groups and pragmatic behavior detection in Gulf countries and Egypt. Sabah Faraj studies the Islamic movement’s development in Sudan since 2009 and, more importantly, the issue of democracy. Abd Al-Mena’m Saeed considers liberal space a basic condition for preparing any democratic climate, for having successful discussions about democracy, and for accepting the varying groups in any democratic environment. Finally, Dr. Ahmad Karto examines the relationship between the army and civilian life in Turkey. The monthly book is Revolution Questions by Dr. Salman Bin Fahd Al-Ouda. This edition’s study, which was conducted by Muhammad Saeed Al-Khal, looks at the Palestinian Hamas regime.