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Christmas, Rome, and the Simplification of Jihadi Attacks

By Sara Brzuszkiewicz In the last few weeks, the Islamic State has been sending warnings that new attacks could be carried out on Christmas markets and high-traffic streets over the holiday season in Europe and the United States. In light of the double symbolism of Christmas to jihadists, the risk is real. Not only is […]

The Islamic State’s Zombie Phase Has Arrived

By Rasha al Aqeedi The Islamic State isn’t dead, but it has lost its once-vast leverage. Wise security policies alone can stop its re-emerging networks from growing into a full-blown insurgency. On a cold evening last November, masked assailants gunned down four young men in the sub-district of Hammam Al-Aleel, about 60 kilometers south of […]

Yemeni militias after Saleh

By Abdullah Hamidaddin   Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed after his seventh and final war against the Houthis, at a time when all thought that he was the strongest actor and key player in Yemen, assumed to have a popular and military base to enforce his will in the north of the […]

Qarmatians, Assassins, and Political Islam

by Mansour Alnogaidan Through the prism of Arab historical memory, the massacre in Egypt’s Sinai last Friday was nearly a carbon copy of events that took place toward the end the thirteen century in Egypt: The Qarmatians a syncretic religious group fusing Zoroastrianism with Ismaili Shia Islam, repeatedly flattened entire villages, killing women, children, and […]

The Attack on Egypt’s Al-Rawdah Mosque: Local Tragedy, Regional Pathology

by Abdulrahman Al-Trairi At least 305 people were killed after more than two dozen of militants detonated bombs and opened fire on the Al-Rawda mosque in Bir al-Abed, a town in northern Sinai — the nation’s deadliest terror attack in modern history. The month of November has been marked by tragedy in Egypt before. On […]

Jihadism in Europe: A return to old-style recruitment

*sara brzuszkiewicz Three months after the August 17 attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, it is necessary to take stock of an important feature that many of the latest attacks in Europe have in common. It can be referred to as “old-style recruitment.” It includes the range of recruiting strategies and radicalization patterns excluding online affiliations, […]

Is the Islamic State likely to return to the al-Qaeda model?

After the Islamic State’s crushing defeats in Iraq and Syria, a few analysts have begun to suggest that this could herald the end of the group, but most believe the defeats mark a transition. Indeed, of the two scenarios, the latter is more likely: a rise in the number of attacks abroad, fostered by the […]

The Bin Laden diaries: inside the home of al-Qaeda’s mastermind

The CIA has recently released a massive trove of files belonging to deceased Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The data, which has been classified for the past six years, was confiscated during the raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan in May 2011. The data has been analyzed thoroughly in an attempt to understand […]

Civil War Monuments: Take All the Idols Away

by Adam Garfinkle It’s a pity that sometimes the best solution to a political conflict is simply not practical. There is such a solution to the Confederates monuments conflict roiling the United States right now, but there is zero chance of its being agreed to and implemented. What is this best but impossible solution? It’s […]

Egypt and the Gulf: Higher Education as a Bulwark Against Radicalization

by Sara Brzuszkiewicz In September 2018, the first branch of al-Azhar outside Egypt will open in El-Ain. This is an unprecedented move that is likely to generate a number of positive consequences in the joint fight against radicalization. Furthermore, it fosters the ongoing commitment to create a closer cooperation between the Gulf and a major […]