Every month since its founding in 2007, Al-Mesbar Center has published “The Monthly Book,” a full-length volume of research in Arabic, on a topic of pressing concern to the region’s decision makers — complete with granular findings from primary sources largely unavailable elsewhere. Now, for readers of English, the Center presents a description of the content of each book, searchable by topic, country, and subregion of the Muslim world. For information about subscribing to the Monthly Book, acquiring prior volumes, or commissioning full translations, contact us.

Turkish Brotherhood: The Present and Future of the Party of Justice and Development

Published: February 01, 2014

The 86th edition of Al Mesbar’s monthly book explores a turbulent Turkey following the ongoing protests over corruption allegations and the last year’s uprising in Taksim Square, Gezi Park, and beyond. The book discusses the effects of the break between Fat’hallah Gulen’s “Social Islamic Party” and the ruling “Justice and Development Party” led by Prime […]

Central Asia and the Northern Caucasus: Salafis, Shi’ites, and Jihadists

Published: January 01, 2014

Al-Mesbar Center’s monthly book for December 2013 — its 84th volume — examined Islam in Russia, from its historical roots to the present. It scrutinized the rainbow of Islamist movements, from political and quietist to extra-systemic and jihadist, both as local phenomena and in terms of their geo-strategic significance. It traced as well the range […]