Every month since its founding in 2007, Al-Mesbar Center has published “The Monthly Book,” a full-length volume of research in Arabic, on a topic of pressing concern to the region’s decision makers — complete with granular findings from primary sources largely unavailable elsewhere. Now, for readers of English, the Center presents a description of the content of each book, searchable by topic, country, and subregion of the Muslim world. For information about subscribing to the Monthly Book, acquiring prior volumes, or commissioning full translations, contact us.

Islam in Russia: History, Horizons, Concerns

Published: December 01, 2013

Since its inception, Al-Mesbar Center has examined the interplay among Islam, Islamism, and the great cultures of the world — from Europe and the Americas to Spain, North Africa, the Middle East, the expanse of Africa below the Sahara, and deep into Asia. In its 84th monthly book — December 2013 — the Center breaks […]

Salafi Mutations in the Arab World Today

Published: November 01, 2013

Have Salafi groups turned a corner since the Arab revolutions? Is Salafi discourse changing since the entry of some Salafis into the political arena — particularly in Egypt? Might the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt pave the way for an expansion of Salafism, or will it more likely cause Salafism to recede? And […]

Arab Islamists and the Shock of June 30th

Published: October 01, 2013

The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt has been a seismic shock for Islamist political movements across the Arab world. It had not been expected that within such a short time, the unprecedented authority of the Brotherhood’s “Supreme Guide” would be undermined. The movement fell, perhaps, due to its lack of experience in […]

The Brotherhood and Iran: Beyond the Confines of Dogma and Inside the Game of Politics

Published: September 01, 2013

In its 81st monthly book, Al-Mesbar Center continues its study of the relationship between Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, which began in last month’s volume, Iran and the Brotherhood: Enlisting Religion for a Political Battle. That book tracked the history and politics of relations between the two, revealing the the points of intersection and divergence […]

The Brotherhood and Iran: Using Religion to Wage a Political Battle

Published: August 01, 2013

In its 80th monthly book, the Al-Mesbar Center probes the intellectual, political, and structural relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s government of clerics. Scholars from diverse backgrounds, through a combination of historical research and present-day investigations, have found a significant degree of mutual understanding and cooperation between these two powerful movements of political Islam, […]

Fatwas in the Gulf: Shi’ites, Revolutions, Influence

Published: July 01, 2013

Al-Mesbar Center’s 79th monthly volume of research delves further into the realm of fatwas — Islamic religious edicts. As in last month’s edition, the research aims largely to fill a knowledge gap regarding the role state-backed “official” religion plays in affecting the mentality and deliberations of the mufti. This volume is visibly pegged to present-day […]

Fatwas in the Gulf and the Muftis Who Make Them

Published: June 01, 2013

Studies of people of faith too often overlook one of the most powerful forces in their lives: the religious edict. In Islamic tradition, an edict is known as a “fatwa,” and has been for centuries the principal means by which spiritual leaders influence their followers and, by extension, the society around them.  Understanding the significance […]

European Islam

Published: May 01, 2013

In its 16th monthly book, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center’s European Islam tracks the interactions between Islam and the diaspora in Europe. Much of the Muslim immigrant community in Europe has been granted full citizenship rights, which means Muslims represent a considerable demographic in many countries; it also means that it is important to address […]

Shi’ism in Egypt

Published: May 01, 2013

Shi’ism in Egypt — a topic of intense, growing interest inside the country and in the broader Arab region — has not received adequate attention from researchers.  This seventy-seventh volume from Al-Mesbar Center aims to change that: It is a collection of studies on the country’s Shi’ites, the first of its kind, offering a foundation […]

Arab Women After the Arab Spring

Published: April 01, 2013

This collection of studies explores the status of women in the Middle East and North Africa since the “Arab Spring.”  What role did they play in the revolutions of 2011 and 2012? What progress have they made toward achieving their rights?  Was it indeed an Arab spring for women?  The Al-Mesbar Center placed these questions […]