The ‘Islamic Group’ in Egypt

Published: September 01, 2008


In its 21st monthly book, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center examines the shifts of the “Islamic Group” (“Al-Gama’a al-Islamiya”) in Egypt, which moved from the far right to the far left. Moreover, this issue focuses on the Group’s ideas and on the details of its inception and mobility. Mohammed Abu Zeid traces the evolution of the Islamic Group in Egypt from its early stages through its armed uprisings. Dr. Wahid Abdel Meguid writes about the future of the Islamic Group’s children of violence. In a study about the Islamic Group in Egypt, Dr. Jihad Oudi examines the defeat of the Egyptian Islamic Group during the attempted coup against violent political power. Sabah Faraj writes about the Islamic Group and the Coptic issue. Safaa Essam sheds light on the biography of Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman. In a new field study, Dr. Faqhi, a former member of the Islamic Group and one of the most prominent theorists of contemporary jihad groups’ governance, highlights new directions for its members. The monthly book is Armed Islamic Group in Egypt by Salma Al-Awa, and was reviewed by Ali Taha as part of the “Fundamentalist Mind” series.