Every month since its founding in 2007, Al-Mesbar Center has published “The Monthly Book,” a full-length volume of research in Arabic, on a topic of pressing concern to the region’s decision makers — complete with granular findings from primary sources largely unavailable elsewhere. Now, for readers of English, the Center presents a description of the content of each book, searchable by topic, country, and subregion of the Muslim world. For information about subscribing to the Monthly Book, acquiring prior volumes, or commissioning full translations, contact us.

Egypt’s Islamists After the Revolution of January 25 – part 1

Published: December 01, 2011

In its 60th monthly book, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center examines Islamists’ participation in parliament as parties for the first time. Egyptian parliament, elected democratically for the first time after the Egyptian revolution, surprised all as Islamists won the majority of seats—which clearly reflected the Egyptian society’s Islamic attitude. Egyptian affairs are nowadays governed by the […]

Non-Activist Islam: Mysticism in the Levant

Published: June 01, 2011

In its 66th monthly book, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center explores Sufism — the mystical strand in Islam — in Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon. The book examines history as well as the present day—with all of its changes and challenges—exploring the relationship between mysticism and political authority, mysticism’s effect on the public, and mysticism’s stand […]