Mysticism and Modernism in the Maghreb

Published: April 01, 2012


In its 64th monthly book, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center examines the religious state—balancing religion and policy and struggling against extremism, especially in Morocco and Algeria. The issue also explores the relationships between Sufism — the mystical strand in Islam — and the authority of the state. Abd Al-Hadi A’rab studies the Eastern angle and its social effect on its region. Abd Al-Raheem Al-Etri looks at the relationships between Sufism and policy. Italian researcher Nasarena Lenza explores the social dimension and mystical influence on immigration. Montaser Hamada explains the Moroccan experience—using mysticism against terrorism and extremism. Amal Abu Bakeer discusses mysticism’s return to political life in Algeria. Dr. Jamal Faza examines the relationship between mysticism and modernity. The monthly book is Shawk by Tunisian writer Olpha Youssef, and is reviewed by Rasheed Al-Khiyoun. This edition’s study “Pagan Settlings in Popular Culture,” was conducted by Sa’ad Al-Soyan.