Every month since its founding in 2007, Al-Mesbar Center has published “The Monthly Book,” a full-length volume of research in Arabic, on a topic of pressing concern to the region’s decision makers — complete with granular findings from primary sources largely unavailable elsewhere. Now, for readers of English, the Center presents a description of the content of each book, searchable by topic, country, and subregion of the Muslim world. For information about subscribing to the Monthly Book, acquiring prior volumes, or commissioning full translations, contact us.

Missionaries in the Middle East and North Africa: A Reading from Multiple Perspectives

Published: December 07, 2014

Al-Mesbar Center’s 95th monthly book explores the relationship between Christian missionary activity and Western colonialism in the Arab world, their influence and legacy, and the interplay of competing Western powers and differing Christian sects within the region. It also shows how the relationship evolved between the missionaries and the societies in which they preached —leading, […]

Trajectories of Arab Constitutions: Development and Implementation

Published: December 01, 2014

One of the major challenges facing many Arab societies is a crisis of political structure: What type of state do these societies belong to? What are their governing institutions? How is authority to be apportioned between the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary, and how should their leaderships be chosen? What stake does the average […]

ISIS Incubators: The Emergence of Salafi Jihadism in Europe

Published: November 20, 2014

Al-Mesbar’s 94th monthly book tracks Islamist groups that have established a presence in the West. More specifically, it is concerned with groups that reject “Western civilization” and wish to “Islamize” the West — yet eschew violence in their activism. The book analyzes the historical and ideological development of Hizb Al-Tahrir in the UK, as well […]

Sectarian and Ethnic Diversity in the Gulf

Published: September 01, 2014

Non-Sunni and non-Arab minorities in the Gulf states have become a subject of unprecedented international attention in recent years — particularly amid Iranian intervention in the region and international human rights reports on their status. From our standpoint as members and students of Gulf society, designating these elements as “minority” communities is itself a choice […]

ISIS: Ideas, Funding, and the Muslim Brotherhood

Published: August 01, 2014

 The fall of Mosul to ISIS fighters and subsequent declaration of an Islamic “caliphate” shocked the world, prompting urgent questions about the origins of the group, its intellectual foundations, its ambitions, and its sources of finance. In response, Al-Mesbar Center’s 92nd monthly book places ISIS under the spotlight, posing questions about its past, present and […]

Christians of the Arab East

Published: July 01, 2014

Assessing Muslim Brotherhood Rule in Egypt

Published: June 01, 2014

Al-Mesbar‘s 90th monthly book examines the Muslim Brotherhood’s brief rule in Egypt , tracing the political and economic missteps committed by its leadership which nearly led the country to collapse within a time span of less than one year. The book also identifies the government’s efforts to establish monopoly control over several government institutions and facilities […]

Islam and the Muslims of the Balkans

Published: May 01, 2014

Al-Mesbar Center’s  its 89th monthly book examines the history and present conditions of the Balkan region, beginning with the advent of Islam during the Ottoman period .  The long history of civil strife and war in the Balkans — from Ottoman times through the Balkan war of 1812 to its bloodiest conflict, in the twentieth century — is […]

Al-Azhar: A Source of Authority for Sunni Islam in Times of Change

Published: April 01, 2014

Over a thousand years old, Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Seminary is a venerated point of reference for Sunni Muslims worldwide which has moved history, strengthened the nation-state, and even advanced the field of science in North Africa and the Middle East. It has at times set the very tone of Sunnism. And despite several attempts to […]

Jihadists in Egypt: From Their Origins to June 30th to Syria

Published: March 01, 2014

Following the fall of regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya in 2011, several voices entertained the idea of a new era free of extremism in the Middle East and North Africa, where terrorists and radicals would find no home. But upon Islamists’ rise to power in Egypt, a presidential pardon was granted to imprisoned jihadists, […]